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The Profitable Press

Why This Book?

A well-planned PPC department can change the game of your printing plant in just 10 months.

It can do wonders in your life. You can enjoy the one-month holiday with your family without interruptions of operation from the factory.

Just believe me, I am talking about my experience of 18 years in the print industry.

The PPC department is a Gold-Mine that can make you more profitable and efficient.

This book will tell you, how you can make a perfect PPC department in your press to have hockey-curve growth.

SK Jha Ji

Mr. Shyamkant Jha,
(PPC Expert and Print Expert)

"This book on PPC will guide people in the industry to run their establishments efficiently by saving time, minimizing waste, controlling inventory, and utilizing available resources. It will also improve coordination among pre-press, press, and post-press teams. Overall, those in the industry will greatly benefit from this book, making PPC a veritable gold mine."

Abhishek Gupta JI

Abhishek Gupta
Director at GPH, Indore

"The book "PPC the Gold Mine" can be a game-changer for many Printing Organization.

I visited more than 400+ presses and observed that the presses that have grown faster have a fantastic team in the PPC department with perfect roles and responsibility models and proper SOPs for each work. PPC helps them be stronger and become market leader year by year."

Sandeep Jain Ji

Mr. Sandeep Jain
(Director at Manali Cartons, Chennai)

The book "PPC the Gold Mine" can be a game-changer for many Printing organizations that do not have a PPC department in their Printing press. I firmly believe that if you want to manage your operations in the most efficient and economical way, you must have PPC in your organization

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Here’s what you will discover in this Ebook. >>How to make an effective production and planning team.

>>RACI model to get productivity.

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