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5 Tips to Better Control Your Inventory Management and Save up to 50% on your inventory

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Imagine this: You're running a busy print shop, and you've just received a rush order for a thousand brochures with a tight deadline. Panic sets in as you scramble to find the right paper stock, only to discover that you're out of it! Sound familiar? Well, it's time to put an end to these nightmares with some inventory management wizardry. Proper Paper Order Planning

Once upon a time in a bustling print shop in Mumbai, there lived a print manager named Raj. Raj had a reputation for pulling off last-minute miracles, but it was taking a toll on his sanity and his inventory. His eureka moment came when he discovered the power of proper paper order planning.

Raj realized that by analyzing past orders and trends, he could predict which paper stocks were in high demand during specific seasons. Armed with this knowledge, he started placing bulk orders for these papers well in advance, often securing discounts and saving his print shop a fortune.

Daily Stock Audit

Now, let's switch gears and head over to Delhi, where a small packaging company was facing a different kind of challenge.

Meet Ritu, the operations manager at "Pack-n-Seal." Ritu's daily routine involved a morning cup of chai and a meticulous stock audit. She made it a point to check each item on the inventory list, even if it meant dealing with the occasional paper cut.

One day, while sipping her chai and tallying the stock, she stumbled upon a shocking discovery - a significant amount of adhesive tape had mysteriously vanished! Ritu wasn't one to be fooled, so she launched a thorough investigation. It turned out that some sticky-fingered employees were helping themselves to the tape.

With daily stock audits in place and a no-nonsense approach to inventory management, Ritu not only prevented theft but also streamlined the ordering process. "Pack-n-Seal" was now saving money and maintaining a harmonious work environment.

Customer-Specific Inventory Management

Let's jump over to Bangalore, where a digital printing studio was facing a unique challenge.

Customer-Specific Inventory Management

The studio, "Perfect Solution," had a diverse clientele with varying requirements. Some clients preferred glossy paper, while others insisted on matte finishes. Keeping all these preferences in check was proving to be a Herculean task.

Enter Anjali, the owner of "Perfect Solution," and a self-proclaimed inventory guru. She realized that the key to managing inventory efficiently was to categorize stock based on customer preferences. Anjali created a color-coded system for paper stocks, making it a breeze to locate the right materials for each order.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Heading over to Kolkata, we find ourselves in a commercial printing company facing a modern dilemma.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Arjun, the tech-savvy manager at "Kolkata Prints," knew that the days of manual inventory tracking were numbered. With the help of cutting-edge Print MIS and Printing Software, he implemented real-time inventory tracking.

Now, Arjun could check the availability of paper, ink, and other supplies with a few clicks on his computer or even on his smartphone while sipping on his evening chai. This not only saved time but also reduced wastage by preventing over-ordering.

Color Coding System

Lastly, in the serene town of Chennai, a corrugation company was struggling to manage its inventory efficiently.

Color Coding System

Here, Karthik, the production manager at "Karthik Pack Solution," had a simple yet effective solution. He introduced a color-coding system to organize the various types of corrugated sheets and boxes. Red for large boxes, blue for small ones, and green for special orders.

With this visual aid, his team could quickly identify and retrieve the right materials for each job. The color-coding system streamlined the workflow, reduced errors, and saved precious time.

In conclusion, whether you're in the world of offset printing, web offset printing, digital printing, narrow web, flexo, or corrugation, effective inventory management is a game-changer. By implementing these five tips - Proper Paper Order Planning, Daily Stock Audit, Customer-Specific Inventory Management, Real-Time Inventory Tracking, and a Color Coding System - you can save up to 50% on Inventory and keep your printing business running smoothly.

So, go ahead, take control of your inventory like Raj, Ritu, Anjali, Arjun, and Karthik did, and watch your profits soar while you sip your chai, stress-free!

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