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Sharad Purnima: Lighting up the Printing and Packaging Industry with 16 Special Qualities


Sharad Purnima is an important Hindu festival celebrated during autumn's full moon. It's a festival full of meaning and is celebrated with a lot of excitement in India. Sharad Purnima is not just a religious celebration; it also has valuable lessons that can be useful in different parts of life, like the printing and packaging industry. In this blog, we'll explore what Sharad Purnima is about, the concept of the 16 special qualities (Kalas), and how automation can be like Lord Krishna, guiding the industry.

Why Sharad Purnima Is Important

Sharad Purnima falls on a night when the moon is the brightest and fullest. People believe that the moon's rays have healing powers on this night, and so they eat a special dish called kheer that's left out in the moonlight. People also fast and stay up all night singing songs, dancing, and doing cultural activities.

The 16 Special Qualities (Kalas) and Their Connection

In Hinduism, there are 16 special qualities, or Kalas, that everyone should try to have for a meaningful and happy life. These qualities are:

  1. Jnana (knowledge): In the printing and packaging industry, knowing about the latest technologies and trends is crucial.

  2. Aishwarya (Wealth): Using smart printing and packaging can save money and make a business more successful.

  3. Shakti (power): Being able to create high-quality prints and cartons makes a company strong.

  4. Bhakti (Devotion): Dedication to making the best products helps build a strong brand.

  5. Virya (courage): Having the courage to try new things can help the industry grow.

  6. Tejas (radiance): High-quality printing and packaging make products stand out.

  7. Yasha (fame): Doing great work can make a company famous.

  8. Kirti (Glory): Making excellent packaging can bring glory to a business.

  9. Shree (Beauty): Beautiful packaging makes products more attractive.

  10. Vak (speech): Effective communication through packaging and printing is important for marketing.

  11. Smriti (memory): Memorable packaging leaves a strong impression on customers.

  12. Tushti (contentment): Happy customers are more likely to come back.

  13. Pushthi (Sustenance): Using sustainable packaging practices helps the industry last a long time.

  14. Kanti (Lustre): Shiny and appealing printed materials catch people's eyes.

  15. Mati (Intelligence): Smart automation helps make production better.

Automation as a Guide, like Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna, known for his wisdom and guidance, can be compared to automation in the printing and packaging industry. Automation, which includes using advanced machines, technology, and workflow, guides the industry towards working better and faster. Automation includes things like digital printing, using AI to check quality, and making smart packaging. Just like Lord Krishna, automation gives solutions and direction, making the industry more competitive, responsive, and flexible.


Sharad Purnima, with its celebration of the 16 special qualities and the bright moonlight, offers important lessons that can be used in different parts of life, like the printing and packaging industry. The 16 special qualities are like a path to success in this industry, and automation acts like Lord Krishna, showing the way to progress and achievement. Following these ideas can make the printing and packaging industry more efficient, eco-friendly, and strong in the market. Improve and develop your printing and packaging operations like never before with Indus Print ERP


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