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Turn Your DRUPA Visit into a Profitable Investment

DRUPA, the world's largest trade fair for printing and packaging, is a landmark event for professionals in the industry. Held every 4 years in Düsseldorf, Germany, it offers unparalleled opportunities to explore cutting-edge technologies, network with global leaders, and gain insights into emerging trends. However, a visit to DRUPA can be much more than just a formal engagement; with strategic planning and execution, it can be a highly profitable investment for your business.

Hi, this is Parmeshwar Patidar (India's first seasoned Profitable Print Business Coach and Author) also planning to visit DRUPA this year. Based on my learning and the experiences shared by past DRUPA visitors, I'm sharing some insights on essential preparations, strategies to maximize the outcome of your DRUPA visit, and post-visit actions to capitalize on the experience.

DRUPA 2024 is a fantastic opportunity, but it's not for everyone. Let’s see who should pack their bags and who might want to sit this one out.

Who Should Visit DRUPA 2024:
  • Printing Enthusiasts: For those who love tech and printing innovations.

  • Business Owners: If you run a printing or packaging business.

  • Networkers: Perfect for those who enjoy meeting new people.

  • Innovation Seekers: Ideal for those who chase the latest trends.

  • Continuous Learners: Great for those who thrive on new knowledge. 

Whenever we attend a trade show or learning event like DRUPA, it’s CRUCIAL TO DEFINE CLEAR GOALS, such as networking, discovering new technologies, or finding business partners. Following specific criteria can make the visit more profitable while saving both time and money.

Here’s a guide to help you maximize your
DRUPA 2024 experience
Ensure your journey to DRUPA is smooth and productive by taking care of key travel arrangements. Here's a checklist to consider before leaving:

Before You Leave for DRUPA (Including Family Preparations)

Prepare thoroughly before DRUPA by organizing travel plans, documents, and family arrangements to ensure a smooth and productive trip. Here's what you need to know:

  • Passport & Visa: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months and check visa requirements.

  • Travel Plans: Book flights and accommodations early.

  • Travel Authorization: Obtain official travel authorization if required.

  • Organization: Keep tickets, badges, and confirmations organized.

  • Travel Insurance: Get insurance for emergencies and cancellations.

  • Scheduling: Coordinate your schedule with the DRUPA timetable.

  • Networking: Pack plenty of business cards.

  • Promotional Materials: Gather materials, possibly NFC-enabled.

  • Registration: Complete online registration and print your badge.

While You Are at the Exhibition Center

As you step out from your accommodation for DRUPA, gear up for a day filled with innovation and networking. Make sure you're ready to dive into the event with clear goals and a well-prepared mindset. Here's what you should keep in mind as you head out to exhibition center:
  • Area & Transport: Familiarize yourself with the local area and transportation.

  • Mental Preparation: Be ready for intensive networking and learning.

  • Event Layout: Study the layout and plan your itinerary.

  • Engagement: Initiate conversations and stay open to new ideas.

  • Health Guidelines: Follow COVID-19 protocols and local health regulations.

  • Daily Goals: Set clear objectives for each day, prioritize key sessions and booths.

  • Networking: Engage in meaningful conversations, attend live demos, and explore innovations.

  • Self-Care: Stay hydrated, take breaks, and maintain energy levels.

  • COVID-19 Guidelines: Follow mask-wearing and social distancing protocols.

  • Health Regulations: Stay updated on local health regulations.

Post Exhibition
After the exhibition, reflect on your learnings and strategize for implementation. Consolidate your insights, follow up on connections made, and plan for future growth. Here's how to leverage your experience post-DRUPA for continued success:
Reflect on your experiences and learnings from DRUPA, noting key insights and takeaways.
  • Sharing: Discuss your experiences and learnings with your team.

  • Debriefing: Schedule a session to review key technologies, trends, and insights.

  • Reporting: Prepare a comprehensive report of your findings.

  • Follow-Up: Reach out to contacts made for potential collaborations.

  • Rest: Take time to rest and recuperate, prioritizing self-care.

  • Feedback: Gather feedback to inform future strategies and initiatives.

In my view, a well-planned visit to DRUPA can significantly impact your business growth and community engagement. By preparing meticulously, leveraging opportunities during the event, and implementing strategic post-visit actions, you can transform your DRUPA visit into a profitable investment. Embrace the potential for innovation, networking, and learning to drive your business forward and achieve long-term success.

I, Parmeshwar Patidar, Director of Indus Analytics and a Seasoned Profitable Print Business Coach, extend my heartfelt wishes to all participants at DRUPA. May your journey be a resounding success, brimming with growth, profitability, and invaluable connections. As you embark on this adventure, seize every opportunity to learn, network, and innovate. Here's to transforming your DRUPA visit into a truly rewarding investment in your business's future.

Best of luck to all!

Warm regards,

Parmeshwar Patidar

(Director of Indus Analytics and a Seasoned Profitable Print Business Coach)
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